2023 Legislative Calendar

Week In Review

 February 24, 2023
Things ramped up again this week as the General Assembly returned after the President’s Day holiday. While the House and Senate have not held any marathon sessions that go long into the night, the next week is likely to see that change. But the Committee meetings have been heavy and often, and the rate of bills flying out of Committee has sped up, and the amount of bills waiting for action on the chamber floors are beginning to add up. On Friday, SB 135 passed of the Senate floor, and is headed to the House. The bill will require the state government to better coordinate care for women after giving birth, trying to address the ongoing crisis of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders that afflict many women after giving birth. The bill was sponsored by freshman Senator Shelly Funke-Frommeyer. Another big bill passing out of the Senate on Friday was SB 94, sponsored by Sen. Julie Raque Adams. The bill has been a long time coming for nurse practitioners, and sets up a Committee that will oversee what level of prescriptive authority Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioners will be allowed to have. It also sets up another Council that will meet quarterly and discuss matters relating to the safe and appropriate prescribing and dispensing of controlled substances. The bill is headed to the House for action. Friday marked the 16th day of the Legislative Session, meaning there are 14 full days left on the calendar. The next two weeks will be full from Tuesday – Friday each week, and at the moment, the General Assembly is set to begin the Veto Period break on Friday, the 17th. As always, Top Shelf will keep you all in the loop!

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